(1) How do i know if i need a private investigator to do investigation for me ?

If you witness a change in behaviour of your near ones, any unexplained absences or untimely phone calls, unusual arguments and many such related suspicious activities need a call for the best private detectives so that your problems can be solved. One needs to listing to the gut feeling for suspicious activities and then take the services, when you don’t find yourself capable enough of sorting out the problems on your own.

(2) What are the parameters for choosing a detective Agency ?

You need to go though the two parameters of the organization for ascertaining the same these include what "they can" and what "they do". They are the best if "they can": Guarantee privacy, expertise in your concerned and provide accurate results for the most complicated cases as well. On the other hand, the other parameter: they do" says-"have the skills and profound knowledge and a reach among the diverse segment of clients.

(3) How much does it cost ?

Our Charges depend upon the type of operation that we have been asked to undertake. To determine the costing, we analyse the details of the case and then the timescales involved and budget are decided. Once this has been agreed, we then require a retainer based on the budget to begin the operation.

(4) How much time does it take to handle a case ?

The time scale depends upon the particulars of a case. Some cases take days, some weeks and some months. It all depends upon the proof required and complexity of the case, but our experience allows us to provide information with a realistic time frame.

(5) How confidential is an investigation? Are your detectives discreet ?

Confidentiality is our number one priority. We will not share nor disseminate any information about you or your case without your express written authorization. In addition, all investigations are performed discreetly - you can be assured of the strictest confidence.

(6) Do you have any authentication of your on your report ?

The investigators assigned by us brings you full proved and verified reports. We never handover reports which are not 100% authentic. We also provide with video and audio clips if required.

(7) What if we want to avoid meeting and keep our identity secret ?

You reserve the right to secure yourself and exercise caution. We can communicate through phones, e-mails, etc