Intellectual Property Issues

A. Trade Mark, Trade Name, Patent and Copy Right Violation.

Business organization and institutions spend enormous amounts of funds in research, marketing and building a brand name of their products; they thus acquire a distinct trade name, brand, patent and or copyright unscrupulous elements blatantly violate such patents, copyrights or brand / trade names, to get rich violators and assist in a manner to initiate legal action against the offenders.

B. Counterfeits, Pass Offs, Adulterated and Spurious Products.

One of the areas of intellectual property issues concerns rampant counterfeits and spurious products especially in the developing world. This not only results in revenue losses but also seriously impinges on the reputation of the principals. This activity of counterfeiting and spurious product circulation is common in FMCG and pharmaceuticals, food and confectionary items.

The customer is not in a position to distinguish the original from the counterfeit and is not aware of its effect on his health and finances. The extent of counterfeit is estimated at around 40% in certain categories. This also results in huge loss to the government exchequer.


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