Employment Verification

There is no gainsaying that the selection of manpower to suit various requirements of an organization is methodical and deliberate process. It also cannot be denied that the basis of gathering in formation of the candidate is by a CV, written tests and interviews. In addition the references provided by the candidate add value to the process.

It may be appreciated a candidate's credibility trustworthiness and criminal past if any, can never be truly assessed in the conventional selection process. This particularly is true when selection to key appointments is undertaken. A due diligence verification is an objective assessment of the candidate which is critical for his selection. Such verifications are undertaken in a convert and most objective and dispassionate manner. It is thus advisable to resort to a due diligence verification before a formal appointment letter is issued. As the term implies such verification are undertaken once a candidate has already been appointed and has already been in service for a certain period. A post employment scrutiny could merely be a police verification, which is a routine organizational requirement or it could also be on a specific issue which may have been over looked during selection process or finally on account of the employees conduct or performance which has raised certain doubts on his credibility or claims. As a rule and practice most firm, institutes, organizations, or corporate do not resort to any post employment verifications, unless the individual has acted in a manner detrimental to the interests of the institution to which he belongs. Such verifications are generally resorted to dispense with the service of erring employee.

A due diligence verification aims to ascertain the true personality of an individual, his past professional achievements, his past conduct, social attitudes, financial status, political leanings, criminal involvement and family background in general.

Gainful Employment Verification

The erring employee is either terminated from service or kept under suspension till the inquiry is finalized. In cases of dismissals the affected employee seeks redressal in the Labor court, on the grounds of principle of violation of natural justice. In majority of such cases the verdict is in favor of the dismissed employee. Consequently not only is he reinstated but also paid arrears and compensation, which results in financial burden to the organization. Verification would very much be in order to find out whether or not the individuals were gainfully employed in the interim period of suspension. If it is established that the employee has been gainfully employed during the period of suspension / trial no compensation need be paid by the organization.

In the later instance when the employee remains suspended it would be essential to collect vital information to initiate disciplinary action against such an employee.

Surveillance & Shadowing

Government agencies viz police, customs & central excise, defense and paramilitary forces etc., can only undertake shadowing and surveillance. Private investigating agencies however indulge in it and would not be transgressing the limits of law so long as the person, who is kept under watch I.e., the subject, is not conscious that he is being watched. Deploying teams of trained investigators, with proper communication equipments, we undertake surveillance.

Who may need Surveillance?

  • Parents, to monitoring wards.

  • Spouse, who suspecting their partner of misconduct.

  • Employers on employees who may be acting against the interest of the organization.

  • Rival business organizations to gather business intelligence.

You can be rest assured by a detailed report rendered at the end of the assignment, where feasible photographic and video evidence would also be made available.

Matrimonial Verification

Most matrimonial alliances currently entered into are as a consequence of advertisements in the media. It is therefore vital in such matters to obtain an unbiased Objective and dispassionate opinion by employing an agency to conduct an impartial and confidential verification to arrive at a fair decision. Private agencies undertake such verifications. Our agency accords importance and seriousness it deserves and conducts verifications on prospective brides or grooms by contacting the neighbors, friends, well wishers, employers, colleagues etc. With full confidentiality. In this process we verify the antecedents by dwelling into the social habits, attitudes, personality, financial status of not only the would be groom or bride, but on the family in general. However the verification would certainly aid in arriving at a suitable decision, as the information provided would be nearly factual and discreet.

Achieve Detective Service professionals will carry out an investigation and surveillance on either the partners as and when one suspects of infidelity in married life. We unearth the truth and bear the realities thus putting forth a much clear picture enabling you to take the right decision. We provide to our clients about the person's extra marital affair. We give proof of adultery, affairs of spouses our client for the legal battle if they require any kind of proof.

Under Cover Operation

An undercover Agent is a person either a male or a female who is inducted into any targeted establishment, or own organization to garner information which is not obtainable by any other means. An undercover assignment is usually of a temporary nature, which may last from 2 months to 6 months depending upon the nature of the assignment. Such agents are inducted as per the normal recruiting process of the organization. Secrecy and confidentiality are the hallmark of such operations and is known only to a select few.

   An undercover operation is undertaken for any of the following purposes:

    • Detect formation of trade unions or its related activities

    • Theft and pilferage of materials and goods.

    • Sabotage

    • Leakage of  information

    • Fraud and embezzlement

    • Disaffection amongst employees

    • Anti management activities

Finger Prints

Finger Print Verification:
            In our lab we analyze fingerprints for our corporate and individual clients. We pick fingerprints form the spot of the crime as evidence to identify the suspect.

Handwriting Verification:
            Our Forensic experts analyze handwriting to eliminate issues such as unauthorized signatures on a document or a cheque. We analyze handwriting on a questioned document or a cheque to identify the author. (Or Culprit).

Handwriting Verification

Finger Print Verification:
            In our lab we analyze fingerprints for our corporate and individual clients. We pick fingerprints form the spot of the crime as evidence to identify the suspect.

Handwriting Verification:
            Our Forensic experts analyze handwriting to eliminate issues such as unauthorized signatures on a document or a cheque. We analyze handwriting on a questioned document or a cheque to identify the author. (Or Culprit).

Intellectual Property Issues

A. Trade Mark, Trade Name, Patent and Copy Right Violation.

Business organization and institutions spend enormous amounts of funds in research, marketing and building a brand name of their products; they thus acquire a distinct trade name, brand, patent and or copyright unscrupulous elements blatantly violate such patents, copyrights or brand / trade names, to get rich violators and assist in a manner to initiate legal action against the offenders.

B. Counterfeits, Pass Offs, Adulterated and Spurious Products.

One of the areas of intellectual property issues concerns rampant counterfeits and spurious products especially in the developing world. This not only results in revenue losses but also seriously impinges on the reputation of the principals. This activity of counterfeiting and spurious product circulation is common in FMCG and pharmaceuticals, food and confectionary items. The customer is not in a position to distinguish the original from the counterfeit and is not aware of its effect on his health and finances. The extent of counterfeit is estimated at around 40% in certain categories. This also results in huge loss to the government exchequer.

Verification of Assets

This category consist of borrowers who may be individuals or institutions who seek loans/ advances from public and / or private sector banks and financial institutions, for the development of existing ventures. It jas been observed that in majority of cases the parties have defaulted in repayment of loans, in most other cases the intensions are suspect. The creditors would however like to recover most or all the outstanding dues.

As a private investigation agency we have carried out investigations in several states and union territories of India and have built-up a network of contacts in several places, which gives us a better success rate. Since we are conversant with the procedures adopted by different revenue authorities we have an edge over others.

The experience possessed by us in this field should qualify us as an automatic choice, should you desire to engage our service.


 Several other services where our expertise could be availed of are:

  • Insurance Fraud and Forgery Handwriting Verification.

  • Theft Investigation

  • Fraud relating to motor vehicles, medical insurance claims, cattle/live stock, marine insurance horse racing, burglary etc.

  • Business Competitors Intelligence

  • Tracing of Debtors

  • Anonymous complaints

  • Creditworthiness Verification.

  • Leakage of Information


Please note that due to the confidentiality relationship with the customers, we will not be in a position to disclose the names or produce any letters of appreciation from any of our customers.